Create stunning 3D head models in minutes with Facial Studio (Windows Edition)

Create stunning 3D head models in minutes with Facial Studio (Windows Edition)

Create stunning 3D head models in minutes with Facial Studio (Windows Edition)

Create stunning 3D head models in minutes with Facial Studio (Windows Edition)

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 Facial Studio is only for Windows, compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10


Need to create a 3D realistic, caricatured or cartoon head ? Whatever the ethnicity or gender you are seeking to create, Facial Studio (Windows Edition) will greatly facilitate the once complex task of creating 3D heads.

Facial Studio (Windows Edition) features more than 500 controls covering the entire 3D head creation process. Deform anything from eyes, nose and mouth to head shape, including teeth and tongue. Modify head symmetry, ethnicity and gender as you please. What is truly unique about Facial Studio (Windows Edition) is the application’s ability to create a head based on photos in less than 10 minutes using easy-to-use PhotoMatching technology.

Then, using Facial Studio (Windows Edition) controls, you can tweak the head, define your own facial poses, and export heads and all deformations to your favorite 3D software. In fact, Facial Studio (Windows Edition) exports to every major 3D application including 3ds max, Cinema4D, LightWave, Maya, MotionBuilder, Mudbox, Softimage XSI and many others using the FBX file format.

Get Facial Studio (Windows Edition) today and begin creating the 3D heads you want.

The FBX file format allows the seamless interchange of 3D data between Facial Studio and all major 3D packages.

Download the FBX plugins for your favorite 3D package here.


Export Formats

Integration with Mudbox

Integration with 3ds max

Integration with Voice-O-Matic
(Maya Edition)

Integration with Facial Studio
(3ds max Edition)

Integration with Softimage

Integration with Cinema4D

PhotoMatching: going further

Changing the default head

Facial Studio's Texture Library

Discover the different version's of Facial Studio; 3ds max , Windows and Essential.
or, compare them all

Facial Studio (Windows Edition) features list includes :

- FBX file format support, which will export the head and its shapes (commonly known as morph targets or blend shapes) as well as the textures to your favorite 3D application

- Head deformers, controls the: nose, nostrils, mouth, eyes, ears, cheeks, chin, neck, eyebrows, teeth, tongue, and eyeballs with easy to use spinners

- Head generators, controls over the gender, the race, the age, the ethnicity…

- Low, Medium and High resolution, all optimized to be used with Sub-divisions surface in your favorite 3D application.

- Perfect UVW Mapping Coordinates, designed to allow maps to be created easily and without stretching

- Wonderful muscles deformations, next-generation deformer to controls muscles-based animation

- Full range of expressions and phonemes, controls complex muscles combination on any heads created inside of Facial Studio with simple sliders.

- PhotoMatching, allowing you to reproduce heads from photos or drawings in minutes !

- Samples photos from, the Human Photo References for 3d Artists, to get you started with the Photo-Matching tool.

- Customizable generators, this gives you total freedom to tweak every aspect of the generators.

- Multiple Cameras and Multiple Lights, for maximum flexibility in your 3D environment.

- Basic Rendering engine, allowing you to quickly create images of any heads you create without quitting Facial Studio.

- Comes with a complete library of maps, including more than 50 texture maps.

- Float Licensing, so you can share license(s) across your network.

With Facial Studio you get an exclusive artistic approach. Facial Studio is built by artists for artists. Our heads aren't based on any 3D scanners data, and our UV coordinates aren't based on mathematical algorithms... Facial Studio is all hand-made. The best artists in their own field created all the data for you. We paid particular attention to assemble a tool which let you create the heads you want without restriction at any steps of your creation process.

Discover below the key differences between our different releases of Facial Studio:

Features FS Essential
(Windows Edition)

Facial Studio
(Windows Edition)

Facial Studio
(3ds max Edition)

  Pricing 199 $  499 $  499 $
  Multiple level of details (Low, Medium, High) -
  Use your own 3D model - -    (1)
  500+ deformations -
  PhotoMatching -
  Curves-based facial re-modeling -
  Automatic texture extraction -
  Basic color corrections -
  Photo Manipulation (rotation and scaling) -
  Real Time texture preview -
  Animation Support - -
  Built-in pseudo-muscles deformation
  Export deformations to morph targets
  Export to .fbx -
  Export to .obj -
  Autodesk 3ds max
  Autodesk Maya, MotionBuilder, Softimage -
  Lightwave, Cinema4D, etc... -
  Ability to define custom shapes -
  Scripting support - -
  Script based file format -
  Built-in rendering engine - -
  Advanced material compositor -
  Skin shader - -
  Textures library
  Floating License
  Pricing 199 $  499 $  499 $

(1) using 3ds max's SkinWrap; a detailed tutorial comes with Facial Studio (3ds max edition)

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  1 license    $499 Buy Now
  5 licenses  $2495 $2120 Buy Now
  10 licenses  $4990 $3990 Buy Now

All Di-O-Matic products include 12 months complimentary Premium support package as well as floating license.

Facial Studio pipeline integration is a breeze as it exports numerous files formats compatible with all leading 3D applications including FBX and OBJ files.

Every facial deformations you created within Facial Studio (Windows Edition) will export to your favorite 3D application. Supporting many 3D applications including 3ds max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Softimage by using the FBX file format.

Facial Studio: Shapes Manager
3ds max: Morpher
3ds max: Facial Studio

Maya: Blend Shapes
MotionBuilder: Shapes
Mudbox: Layers

Softimage: Shapes
Cinema4D: Pose Morph
Ligthwave: Morph Mixer
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 Version 3.2  11/06/2012
* Windows 8 compatibility
* Temporary files could be saved in wrong folder: fixed

 Version 3.1  03/30/2012
* Render Textures / Make Map improvements
* Eyeball rotation not supported in Shapes Manager: fixed
* Saving Facial Studio (3ds max) obj files could create files with duplicate extension: fixed

 Version 3.0  09/07/2011
* Essential version now available
* Windows 7 compatibility
* Improved User Interface
* New splash screen and icons
* Improve overall slider speed
* Completely re-designed Shapes Manager
* Improved exporting options
* New ability to separate facial elements when exporting to FBX
* New ability to export to .obj files (easy export to Mudbox and Zbrush)
* New ability to export directly to Facial Studio (3ds max Edition)
* New adjustable FOV parameter for cameras
* New alternate lower resolution head topology
* New "Reset Camera" option in View menu (Ctrl +R)
* New "Do you want to save ?" mechanism to prevent potential data loss
* Up/Down and Left/Right consistency in all deformations: fixed
* PhotoMatching could fail with high resolution images: fixed

Registered users of Facial Studio (Windows Edition) must subscribe to the Premium+ support package to gain access to version 3.

 Version 2.0  03/19/2009
* Windows Vista Compatibility
* Enhanced user interface
* New licensing mechanism allowing floating licenses
* Ability to display PhotoMatching textures in the 3d view
* Undo & Redo buttons in the PhotoMatching module
* Red blending lines are not restricted to be just vertical
* Optional web-based welcome page to keep you informed
* New default project mechanism
* Enhanced FBX exporter
* Improved wireframe display
* Improved shape and proportion for the default head
* Improved Shape generators preset: Gender, Race
* Improved UV coordinates of the Low Resolution head
* Improved Phonemes generators preset
* New additional Shape generators preset: Asymmetry, Blowing
* New additional jaw deformations : Y Rotation, Z Rotation

Registered users of Facial Studio (Windows Edition) v1.x must subscribe to the Premium+ support package to gain access to version 2.

 Version 1.51  08/25/2005
* Bug fixes :
- images with uppercase extension (JPG, TGA, BMP) are now fully supported in the PhotoMatching
- rendering textures offset issue is resolved

 Version 1.5  07/25/2005
* PhotoMatching :
Interactive Rotate, Scale, Brightness and Contrast controls for the input photos.
Eyes textures are now extracted from photos.
New frame photo within view button
New progress bar while creating textures in the PhotoMatching editor
Automatically load textures created in PhotoMatching in the 3d view.

* Increased speed performance in the following area : OpenGL display, Materials panel, PhotoMatching map previewer, PhotoMatching views

* Save As option
* Tip of the day
* Multiple projects are now displayed with Tabbed windows
* The following images file format are now supported consistently in Facial Studio : .bmp, .jpg, .tga

 Version 1.0  09/27/2004
* Initial release

  Facial Studio (Windows Edition) starting at only $199
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