3D-io rely on Morph-O-Matic and Morph ToolKit

3D-io rely on Morph-O-Matic and Morph ToolKit

3D-io rely on Morph-O-Matic and Morph ToolKit

3D-io rely on Morph-O-Matic and Morph ToolKit

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 Morph ToolKit runs in 3ds Max 6 to 3ds Max 2015 (32 bit & 64 bit)  

Reduce the time you spend on morph target creation with our Morph ToolKit, a collection of tools designed to enhance and accelerate the morph target creation process in 3ds max.

Morph ToolKit users claim that they are trimming more than 45% off the time it used to take them to create morph targets!

The Morph ToolKit includes the following plug-ins:

Attach-O-Matic Lets you attach objects to one another while providing ongoing access to the modifier stack of each attached object. In this manner, you enjoy access to all parameters at all times.


Copy-O-Matic Lets you copy vertex selections and positions from one object to another. Also  lets you make mirror copies which are particularly expedient when creating morph targets.  It is therefore possible to create a morph on just one half your models and let Copy-O-Matic do the rest.


Link-O-Matic Lets you link objects to the vertices of others objects. For example, you can use Link-O-Matic to link teeth to the chin. In this manner, you do not have to include teeth in your morphs. When the jaw opens, the teeth automatically follow.


Morph ToolKit tools are not reliant on any morphing system. You can therefore use them with the built-in morpher, Morph-O-Matic or any other morphing system.

Get the Morph ToolKit and finalize your morph targets in no time!

Morph ToolKit sounds too good to be true, but it really is. It allows me to create Morph Targets 40% faster than before

Igor Posavec, from 3D-io.com

With Morph ToolKit you have now in 3ds max :

- Non-Linear Stacking, finally a way to do multi-stack branching!
Most modelers like to build the head separated from the body and then attach them together, now you can keep the stack of each objects once you attached them together. You can for example go back their individual UVW modifiers for final tweaking, or go back to their morph modifiers, which will allows you now to have morph targets for the head object and for the body object.

- Copy/paste vertex selections and positions, when creating morph targets, don't you find it boring to reproduce on the other side of a head an emotion that took you so long to get right ? now you can simply copy / paste opposite the vertices you want from one side to another.

- Link to vertices, why should the teeth or eyelids be included in your head's morph targets ? Now you can focus on the head and simply link the teeth, the eyelids, or even more to the vertices you want them to follow.

- MAXScript support

- Float Licensing, so you can share license(s) across your network.

Pay by credit card and download your product immediately after you buy.

  1 license    $199 Buy Now
  5 licenses  $995 $845 Buy Now
  10 licenses  $1990 $1590 Buy Now
 Bundles containing Morph Toolkit
   Character Pack $2443 $999 Buy Now
   Morph Pack $747 $499 Buy Now

All Di-O-Matic products include 12 months complimentary Premium support package as well as floating license.

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Press Reviews


Morph ToolKit sounds too good to be true, but it really is. It allows me to create Morph Targets 40% faster than before

Igor Posavec, from 3D-io.com


The Copy-O-Matic modifier from Morph ToolKit has saved my life a few times already.

Leo Santos
Blur Studio

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Only registered users of Morph ToolKit currently subscribed to one of the yearly support packages ( Premium, Premium+, VIP) are eligible to receive the latest version listed below. Please contact us to receive it.

 Version 1.8  07/10/2014
* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2015 (64-bit)
 Version 1.8  04/16/2013
* Add installer support for 3ds max 2014 (64bit)
 Version 1.8  05/16/2012
* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2013 (32-bit and 64-bit)
 Version 1.72  05/04/2011
* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2012 (32-bit and 64-bit)
 Version 1.71  04/12/2010
* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2011 (32-bit and 64-bit)
 Version 1.7  04/02/2009
* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit)
* Attach-O-Matic sports several updates and fixes, including:
     multiple objects can now be attached at once, simply use the "Pick Object" dialog (H Shortcut)
     improved supports for Morph-O-Matic
     improved detach mechanism

 Version 1.6  03/10/2008
* Fully compatible (32-bit and 64-bit) with 3ds max 9, 3ds max 2008 and 3ds max 2009
 Version 1.51  10/30/2006
* Several stability bug fixes in Link-O-Matic and Attach-O-Matic
* Support 3ds max 6 to 3ds max 9

 Version 1.5  10/06/2003
* New Float Licensing protection scheme
* MAXScript support in Attach-O-Matic and Link-O-Matic
* Detach Object option added in Attach-O-Matic
* Threshold in Copy-O-Matic now unit-based
* Support 3ds max 6 to 3ds max 8

 Version 1.05  03/13/2003
* Network Rendering support added in Link-O-Matic
* Several bug fixes in Link-O-Matic and Attach-O-Matic
* Link-O-Matic jitters fix

 Version 1.0  06/21/2002
* Initial release

Price : $199   
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