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 Price : $2443 $999  

The Di-O-Matic Character Pack includes the following 3ds max plugins:

Cluster-O-Matic + Facial Studio + Hercules + Morph-O-Matic + Morph Toolkit + Voice-O-Matic
and 1 year VIP support

The Di-O-Matic Character Pack is an all in one suite gathering all Di-O-Matic 3ds max plugins. Itís a single installer jam-packed of award winning tools designed to save time and improve efficiency in your character animations productions. From muscle simulation to automatic lip synchronization, the Character Pack has it all.

You also get a complementary one‑year VIP support which includes priority technical support, exclusive tools and beta testing access on future products to name but a few of the many VIP benefits. Ease the installation process and implementation in your production pipeline with floating licenses and free rendering nodes for your rendering farm.

Character Pack:

Character Pack:
What's included

+ Voice-O-Matic

& Voice-O-Matic

Facial Studio
& Voice-O-Matic

& Morph ToolKit

In addition to award‑winning products and services, access hours of online training that explains how to use each plug-in in details, how to use them all together and how to take advantage of their production proven features within your production pipeline with real world examples.

As a developer of serious games, I am used to delivering on a relatively small budget.  Meanwhile, my clients expect to see animation comparable to large-budget commercial titles, which is kind of like pulling a rabbit out of the hat. Di-O-Matic helps me to make that magic happen. Di-O-Matic tools simplify many labor-intensive animation tasks so I can devote more resources toward reaching client expectations and improving fidelity. 
My last project required me to deliver a large volume of bone-rigged facial animations for use in the Unity engine. There were a few competing tools on the market, but my schedule simply did not allow time for me to test, evaluate, and learn new software. 
I needed a solution that seamlessly fit within my pipeline, with minimal learning curve. As a plugin to 3DSMax, the Di-O-Matic Character pack was the perfect fit.  Pose-O-Matic and Voice-O-Matic helped me to create rich facial animations for all of the characters in just a few weeks.   This simply would not have been possible any other way. 
My hat is off to Di-O-Matic for putting out such great tools!

Dave Luciew
SR Interactive Designer, Concurrent Technologies Corporation


By purchasing the Di-O-Matic Character Pack bundle you actually save more than $1400 from the individual plugins price and it is only a couple hundred dollars more than purchasing a single Di-O-Matic 3ds max plugin.

Students, teachers & schools can save up to 90%, are you eligible ?

Registered users of the Character Pack must have valid VIP support to gain access to newest version. The Di-O-Matic VIP support package is valid for a full year (365 days inclusive) starting on the date of purchase. At the expiration date you will lose all benefits, including VIP Tools licenses. You will then need to renew your yearly support package. Should you prefer to not renew, you will then be covered by the limited Basic support package.

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 Version 1.8  04/18/2013
* improved compatibility with 3ds max 2014 (64-bit)
* includes Cluster-O-Matic 1.8
* includes Facial Studio 2.6
* includes Hercules 1.7
* includes Morph-O-Matic 2.7
* includes Morph ToolKit 1.8
* includes Voice-O-Matic 3.5
* VIP includes VOMBatch 0.8
* VIP includes Pose-O-Matic 0.96

 Version 1.7  09/12/2012
* improved compatibility with 3ds max 2013 (32-bit and 64-bit)
* includes Cluster-O-Matic 1.8
* includes Facial Studio 2.5
* includes Hercules 1.6
* includes Morph-O-Matic 2.6
* includes Morph ToolKit 1.8
* includes Voice-O-Matic 3.4
* VIP includes VOMBatch 0.8
* VIP includes Pose-O-Matic 0.96

 Version 1.6  06/01/2012
* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2013 (32-bit and 64-bit)
* includes Cluster-O-Matic 1.8
* includes Facial Studio 2.4
* includes Hercules 1.5
* includes Morph-O-Matic 2.5
* includes Morph ToolKit 1.8
* includes Voice-O-Matic 3.3
* VIP includes VOMBatch 0.8
* VIP includes Pose-O-Matic 0.96

 Version 1.5  05/04/2011
* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2012 (32-bit and 64-bit)
* includes Cluster-O-Matic 1.72
* includes Facial Studio 2.3
* includes Hercules 1.4
* includes Morph-O-Matic 2.4
* includes Morph ToolKit 1.72
* includes Voice-O-Matic 3.2
* VIP includes VOMBatch 0.79
* VIP includes Pose-O-Matic 0.96

 Version 1.4  06/14/2010
* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2011 (32-bit and 64-bit)
* Updated Di-O-Matic menu
* includes Cluster-O-Matic 1.71
* includes Facial Studio 2.2
* includes Hercules 1.3
* includes Morph-O-Matic 2.3
* includes Morph ToolKit 1.71
* includes Voice-O-Matic 3.1
* VIP includes VOMBatch 0.79
* VIP includes Pose-O-Matic 0.96

 Version 1.3  09/08/2009
* 64-bit support in 3ds max 9, 3ds max 2008, 3ds max 2009 and 3ds max 2010
* Added compatibility with 3ds max 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit)
* includes Cluster-O-Matic 1.7
* includes Facial Studio 2.1
* includes Hercules 1.2
* includes Morph-O-Matic 2.2
* includes Morph ToolKit 1.7
* includes Voice-O-Matic 3.01
* VIP includes VOMBatch 0.79
* VIP includes Pose-O-Matic 0.95

 Version 1.2  05/09/2008
* Compatible with 3ds max 9, 3ds max 2008 and 3ds max 2009
* includes Cluster-O-Matic 1.6
* includes Facial Studio 2
* includes Hercules 1.1
* includes Morph-O-Matic 2
* includes Morph ToolKit 1.6
* includes Voice-O-Matic 2.6
* VIP includes VOMBatch 0.78
* VIP includes Pose-O-Matic 0.94
* 64-bit plugins are not available for the Educational version at this time

 Version 1.14  08/17/2007
* includes Voice-O-Matic v2.5
* VIP includes VOMbatch 0.77

 Version 1.13  04/17/2007
* includes Voice-O-Matic v2.2
* VIP includes VOMbatch 0.6

 Version 1.12  01/24/2007
* includes Voice-O-Matic v2.11
* fix minor issue in the installer

 Version 1.11  10/30/2006
* support for 3ds max 9 (32 bits only)
* includes Voice-O-Matic v2.1
* includes Morph ToolKit v1.51
* includes Hercules v1.02
* VIP includes VOMBatch

 Version 1.1  06/14/2006
* includes Voice-O-Matic v2
* includes Hercules v1.01
* requires 3ds max 6 or higher

 Version 1.0  11/29/2005
* Initial release

 Price :$2443 $999   
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