Di-O-Matic products have been used in AAA video games since 2000

The technologies behind your favorite CG Characters

Dibulitoon rely on Di-O-Matic tools to deliver the CG feature film : Cristobal Molon

Activision studios have used Voice-O-Matic in several AAA games including Call of Duty.

Rockstar Vancouver rely on Voice-O-Matic when developing the critically acclaimed game: Bully

Nexus Productions rely on Morph-O-Matic to animate Yao and LeBron in COKE Unity commercial

Relying on Morph-O-Matic many studios have worked for Vivendi to bring Crash Bandicoot to life, including Virgin Lands and Digital Dimension.

Morph-O-Matic and Voice-O-Matic helped leading studios, including Activision and Blur Studio to entertain audience with Spiderman

Relying on Morph-O-Matic for the facial animations many studios have worked on various Sonic games, including Blur Studio and SEGA.

Rockstar North rely on Voice-O-Matic in GTA IV

Morph-O-Matic played a key role in making Mickey Mouse in 3D for the first time by helping Blur Studio and Disney.

Blur Studio created and animated the new Lara Croft using Morph-O-Matic

January 14, 2011

 2010 Retrospective


As a new year starts, here is a brief retrospective of what we accomplished at Di-O-Matic in 2010.

In fall 2010, Di-O-Matic celebrated its 10th anniversary !

In addition to many improvements, all Di-O-Matic plugins are now compatible with Autodesk 2011 product line:
Character Pack v1.4
Facial Studio v2.2
Morph-O-Matic v2.3
Voice-O-Matic (3ds max edition) v3.1
We also released several bugfixes and minor updates for Voice-O-Matic (XSI edition), Voice-O-Matic (Maya edition), Cluster-O-Matic, Hercules and Morph ToolKit

And to offer you great savings, we also announce numerous new 3ds max plugins bundle packs: Lipsync Pack, Morph Pack and Muscles Pack

We also announced new and exciting products:
: We announced our upcoming automatic markerless facial motion capture solution!
Lipsync MX v4: Along with a new dedicated website, we revealed the upcoming version of Lipsync MX.

Video tutorials and demos:
Based on customers requests, we have produced many new video tutorials and demos,
all of them are available for free on our website as well as on our new Di-O-Matic YouTube channel

Customer Stories:
Countless animated TV series were produced using Autodesk products and Di-O-Matic plugins in 2010.
Chromosoma, Voice-O-Matic (Maya Edition) was used in an animated TV series produced in Spain.
Genseisha, Voice-O-Matic (XSI Edition) was used in an animated TV series produced in Japan.
Garfield, Voice-O-Matic (XSI Edition) was used in an animated TV series produced in France.
Dr Contraptus (aka Leonard), Voice-O-Matic (XSI Edition) was used in an animated TV series produced in France.

We sat down and discussed with Luis San Juan, on the details of creating outstanding facial character rigs in 3ds max with Morph-O-Matic at Nexus Productions.

In 2011, we look forward to releasing even more cool character animations solutions to help you achieve your production goals with ease, surpass your customer expectations and always at affordable prices.

Twitter: Do you Twitter? Seems everyone is these days. If you have a Twitter account, be sure to follow us.

Stay tuned for more news and products announcement in the coming weeks.
Have a great new year and thanks to our clients for their continuous support.

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